Every professional DJ has certain preferences when it comes to equipment. Those who are just getting started often find the wide selection of specialized equipment overwhelming, though and not every setup is right for every style. Read on to find out what kind of sound equipment beginner DJs need to get started on the right foot.

Input Devices

Every DJ needs at least two input devices. Input devices allow DJs to mix tunes without pausing the music, so they’re essential. These devices can be CD decks or turntables, depending on whether the DJ wants to go analog or digital.

Professional Mixers

Mixers are consoles that allow DJs to apply different effects to the music. They typically have four channels that allow DJs to connect turntables and analog players with faders to allow volume control for each of these channels. Other effects include delays, rolls, reverse rolls, filters, and phaser effects.

High-Quality Headphones

A set of high-quality headphones is essential for determining timing. While every professional DJ has his or her own preference regarding headphones, novice DJs need to keep two things in mind: sound quality and comfort.

Sound Systems

Beginner DJs often use monitor speakers to listen to their mixes. While this is an optional element, since most venues provide their own sound systems, beginner DJs still need high-quality sound systems so they can practice at home.

Digital Alternatives

Don’t want to purchase turntables, mixers, and other expensive equipment? Some modern DJs have opted to go completely digital, using only a single controller and a laptop. This kind of setup lets DJs manipulate the music using a software program, which most find much easier than traditional methods.

Be forewarned that most professional DJs won’t take beginners seriously if they opt for going fully digital. It’s worth learning how to use turntables and mixers, even if novice DJs don’t plan to use analog setups for every show.

A Better Option

Don’t have the time, energy, and money to invest in a full, professional DJ setup? Some manufacturers sell equipment packages that come with everything beginner DJs need to get started. They can then upgrade equipment as needed to keep up with other industry professionals and modern trends.