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Advantages And Disadvantages In Fashion



FASHIONAdvantages And Disadvantages In Fashion

To say about fashion, there are many advantages and disadvantages in fashion. One can also use the fashion in a good manner by avoiding the disadvantages in the fashion. Fashion should be a good growing factor and it should not be used by the people in a wrong manner. Now a day the college boys and the working men’s are often going to the clubs and discos to have fun with their friends and with other girls. According to them this is a fashion and enjoyment in the life style. To go the clubs and discos and waste their money in drinking alcoholic is not good for the people’s health. Most of the men’s are having the habit of smoking, they feels that smoking is a kind of fashion and trend. This creates much misbehavior in the public places. This is disadvantages in the fashion.

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Fashions In Going To Jim

The people are not using the fashion in the right manner. This is also not good for them and for their families. But there is an also a growing fashion among the boys is that of going to Jims. We can say that this is one of the good fashions as followed by them. Going to a Jim is good for health; also they can lose their weight. So this is good for their health. Most of the boys are going to the Jim, according to them this is fashion. But this is a good habit. Even the girls are also moving to the Jims for having a correct fitness shapes for them. This is good habit followed by the girls, as this prevents them from other diseases, which affects them from overweight.

It is also a growing fashion to the people to us earphone while driving. This is not good while driving. Earring songs will divert the concentration of the persons while driving. According to them they things that this gives a peacefully driving and this are not so like that. They are making their journey in a highly risk way. This is the real truth in earring songs while driving. Most of the people have the attitude of following the same as done by the other people. They think that this is a fashion but this is not a fashion. This is highly risk.

Using up of face book accounts, hike and more other services is also a growing fashion among the students and working persons, as everyone feels to stay in touch with other persons. They wanted themselves to be in connecting with the other persons. As in some it is a good thought but in other way it makes most of the persons to misbehave and to use this internet services in wrong way. Only by seeing the fashion, most of them are became the prey to those apps and for the other activities. So one should know what the fashion is doing to us. Whether good or bad, if it gives good habit we have follow it but if it gives bad habit we should avoid it.

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A guide to buying the most stunning mermaid Wedding dress, that too cheap!



mermaid Wedding dress

Every girl dreams about the perfect wedding, a beautiful traditional ceremony in a church which later is to be taken under the stars and fairy lights for the reception, slow dancing as her friends and family watch in awe, and much more. Basically, every girl has her wedding planned out decades before she even has laid eyes on her soul mate. Yet the most important component that a girl is always in search for is the perfect wedding dress to pull it all together and we are to help you find them under a budget.

The most preferred wedding dress styles

There is a range of multiple options to choose your dream dress from such as the A-line, Ball Gown, Sheath, and Mermaid styles. Yet the one in most demand seems to be the famous Mermaid wedding dresses. This style includes the fabric to hug every curve of your body and then a falls dramatically to the feet from between your thighs and knees. The perfect sleek cut for you to feel amazing on your special day.

Not everyone is in favor of buying expensive Wedding dresses

Yet again this glamorous style is probably above your budget. Only the average price of a wedding dress has reached over $1200 in the USA and not everyone can afford a wedding dress this expensive which they will be wearing only once. Moreover, a wedding is a huge expense itself and it seems ignorant to spend this much only on the dress. But not to worry as we have even this section covered out for you.

Do not ‘Buy’ that dress

Most certainly, if you are not comfortable, do not buy that expensive dress because mind you me, there are alternatives that help you get your hands on cheap wedding dresses.

  • A secondhand one

There is no shame in staying within a budget and a secondhand dress is practically a 50% off on a damage free mermaid dress. You can find these secondhand dresses in secondhand stores as well as consignment stores yet most of them are available online on Tradesy, Nearly Newlywed and OnceWed.

  • Retail stores of Wedding Dresses

Instead of going to boutiques and fancy wedding dress stores, simply go to the beginning of the line, the retail stores. Most of these retailers such as the J.Crew and Anthropologie’s BHLDN line have their own lines introduced which are fairly priced as well.

  • Rent your dress

You are literally going to be wearing this dress only once in your lifetime (unless you plan a wild wedding reunion with your friends) and making the decision to buy it is simply foolish. One of the most practiced act is renting your fine dress from a renowned shop for a damage-proof glamorous mermaid dress.

  • Borrow

Wedding dresses are definitely personal but there are still a few nice hearted women out there who are not too possessive about theirs and will allow you to lend it for a day. This is indeed the cheapest of the ways.

Staying in the budget is important but then living your dreams are too, it is your wedding after all. cut down on your dress by the help provided in the article.

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Online and International shopping



Online and International shopping

Shopping is a thing that is done throughout the world by everyone. There is not a moment in the world when there is no shopping going on somewhere.

Traditional shopping

The traditional shopping is done by just going to any shop. The shop can be of clothes, kitchen appliances, electric appliances, goods, fruits, vegetables or any other thing. You don’t necessary need to go shopping to a market or any super store etc. There are various hawkers and other people on the road selling stuff, even buying things from them accounts as shopping.

And shopping is done on all sorts of occasions whether be any special event, any guests coming over or to prepare anything and is done by everyone men, women and children irrespective of their age but only the interests differ.

Online shopping

Online shopping is pretty much traditional shopping but with an online twist. Where in traditional shopping you go and visit a shop between its four walls, in inline shopping you have to go to an online shop by going to its website or application. The process is even easier than how a traditional shop works, where you have to walk and do everything by looking for the perfect product and moving from one shop to another even if there is distance among them. In online shopping, just add the required items to you shopping cart and fill it and go to checkout and you can even check them at your doorstep and pay for them online. There is another big thing in online shopping that you sometimes get very good offers and discount vouchers for your shopping spree which you can apply to the cart of yours and get some serious discounts which you won’t even find when you are shopping physically.

There are many advantages of both types of shopping over the other. For example in online shopping, you need to go to different shops to get different varieties of things where this is a very convenient thing in online shopping in which you can just simply open the sites and order the things you want. But traditional way of shopping lets you visit shops and look at things before buying which you can’t do in online shopping.

International shopping

You can even do online shopping internationally throughout the world from many different websites and applications. There are many courier services and online companies that offer online shipping of their products. You can learn more about them from here. The two of the biggest websites or applications that offer online shopping along with international shipping are Ali Express and Amazon. They can internationally ship in most countries. Although, for some countries you may get very high delivery rates or for some products there might be no international shipping at all.

But, no doubt online shopping with the added international shipping has helped a lot of people getting their desired products from anywhere in the world they want to.

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How to choose the best wedding reception venue



How to choose the best wedding reception venue

Importance of wedding and venues

The most important day in a person’s life is his wedding day. He dreams of his wedding throughout his life so obviously he would wish everything to be perfect. It completely depends on the person to make a choice for his suit or flowers and arrange a wedding cake. Some of the things are optional but one important thing none can’t skip his wedding venue. You need a place for gathering your friends and family to celebrate the biggest day of your life. Finding a perfect wedding menu is not an easy task it takes a lot of effects. You have different options like an extraordinary barn or an astounding ball room a lavish restaurant or under the open sky on a beach.


Follow the following tips to get the best place for making everlasting memories of your specific occasion.

  • Talking to a planner

The information about space, layout, time etc is stored in the minds of planners better as compared to any other person. Your planner knows best creative ways to occupy space and make thing look unique and quirk.

  • Your vision matters a lot

You already have a rough sketch about the phenomenal and aesthetic look of your wedding destination. Art gallery beautifully designed restaurants can be best places for modern wedding receptions. Arks back yards ranches etc can be best outdoor venues if you want to merge yourself with natural elements. You feel more connected and involved in your wedding if everything goes planned according to your theme.

  • Your guests hold importance

You can save yourselves from headaches and on spot problems if you know how many guests are going to attend your wedding. This makes the search of your wedding venues a lot easier. You have to face a very tough situation if your guest list is longer as compared to the space of your venue. You can sort out many of your problem if you know the amount of people attending your wedding. This can also help you estimate your cost.

  • Keep your budget in your mind

Amount is all for the space. As for food cost will be according to per plate. You are also charged more for decoration and floral design. Make a list of your budget beforehand to save yourself from future worry. Cut down some of your expenses if the budget exceeds your list. Try to adjust your amount of your expenses within the selected amount.

  • A good impression of your guests must be observed

You must look for a location that is close to the hotel if you are inviting people from out of town or you plan to have a destination wedding. You have to make sure that you guests stay comfortable at the whole occasion. Comfort cannot be decided if the space is confined to a small area.

  • Inclusion of things must not be forgotten!

Keep a balance between your costs and stuff if you want to bring vendors and decor of your own. You may have to cover more expenses if you want table, hairs etc included in the venue. That is when you want to rent it for your event. The amount of these items can be best estimated with the help of a rental company. If you want your things to fit according to the sketch in your mind, make sure to save more money. If you have opted a wedding venue that provides in-house catering, they will charge you for taxes that you must not forget while making calculations. Clients will have 30% on food and drinks if the sales tax for example in Seattle is 10 percent. Gratuity will be 20 percent. This means the cost will be between $10,000 minimum up to $13,000.

  • Don’t lie to yourself and be honest!

You must see what is real and authentic according to you. Don’t fall in love with any random place that you find online. Make a choice that represents you and you partner. Space and design should match your personalities. A wedding venue may not be perfect although you may think that different design or theme would have been better.

What questions you should ask for wedding venues!

Clear your queries by asking following questions:

  • About available time:
  • Is my selected date available?
  • Do you have any other dates free for me?
  • How much amount does renting of space includes?
  • What are the timings of the venue?
  • At what time can we enter and leave the place?
  • Plan of payment:
  • What is the cost of the deposit?
  • How can the payment schedule be structured?
  • Are the extra charges, taxes or gratuity or fees of cleaning included in the total amount?
  • Is there any cancellation policy?
  • Till what time, are we allowed to make any changes in the reservations?
  • About vendors:
  • Will the list of our vendors be approved?
  • Is there any restriction of the specific vendors in the list?
  • Are we allowed to bring more vendors?
  • Will there be any problem if the new vendors don’t have their names in the list?

Some more basic questions to be asked!

  • How much people can the venue accommodate?
  • Are the changing rooms available for the couple?
  • What is your back up plan for the ceremonies happening in the open sky?
  • Are we allowed to hire our own caterer?
  • Will our caterers be allowed to use kitchen?
  • Are we allowed to bring our own cake or will you prepare it on site?
  • Can we make changes in the decor and arrangements?
  • Do you have the system of air conditioners and heaters?
  • Can DJs or live bands be hired by the venue?
  • Is there any strictness about noise?
  • Will microphones be available for speeches or making announcements?
  • Do you have a parking area?
  • Can people easily have an access to cabs from your locations?
  • Are your washrooms always clean?
  • Is there a possibility for our event to be solely held at your venue at one time?
  • Is there any safe room where one can store the wedding gifts?
  • What stuff will be provided by you for the decoration?
  • How many seats can be occupied at one table?
  • Can we taste the food first?
  • Does the venue permit dance performances?
  • Has the venue insured itself?
  • Can we please know about the requirements of your insurance?
  • Do you have a good location for photography?
  • Do you have any plans to shift people from outside to inside in case of any situation?
  • Do you have any coverage of power cut like generator?
  • Can we strew rose petals?
  • Can we have some rehearsals and practices in the venue before the actual ceremony?


Although it may not always be a perfect wedding venue but you should leave no stone unturned in making the best of arrangements. Enjoy your day, make long-lasting memories in your magical world!

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