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Advantages And Disadvantages In Fashion

Cindy Storie



FASHIONAdvantages And Disadvantages In Fashion

To say about fashion, there are many advantages and disadvantages in fashion. One can also use the fashion in a good manner by avoiding the disadvantages in the fashion. Fashion should be a good growing factor and it should not be used by the people in a wrong manner. Now a day the college boys and the working men’s are often going to the clubs and discos to have fun with their friends and with other girls. According to them this is a fashion and enjoyment in the life style. To go the clubs and discos and waste their money in drinking alcoholic is not good for the people’s health. Most of the men’s are having the habit of smoking, they feels that smoking is a kind of fashion and trend. This creates much misbehavior in the public places. This is disadvantages in the fashion.

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Fashions In Going To Jim

The people are not using the fashion in the right manner. This is also not good for them and for their families. But there is an also a growing fashion among the boys is that of going to Jims. We can say that this is one of the good fashions as followed by them. Going to a Jim is good for health; also they can lose their weight. So this is good for their health. Most of the boys are going to the Jim, according to them this is fashion. But this is a good habit. Even the girls are also moving to the Jims for having a correct fitness shapes for them. This is good habit followed by the girls, as this prevents them from other diseases, which affects them from overweight.

It is also a growing fashion to the people to us earphone while driving. This is not good while driving. Earring songs will divert the concentration of the persons while driving. According to them they things that this gives a peacefully driving and this are not so like that. They are making their journey in a highly risk way. This is the real truth in earring songs while driving. Most of the people have the attitude of following the same as done by the other people. They think that this is a fashion but this is not a fashion. This is highly risk.

Using up of face book accounts, hike and more other services is also a growing fashion among the students and working persons, as everyone feels to stay in touch with other persons. They wanted themselves to be in connecting with the other persons. As in some it is a good thought but in other way it makes most of the persons to misbehave and to use this internet services in wrong way. Only by seeing the fashion, most of them are became the prey to those apps and for the other activities. So one should know what the fashion is doing to us. Whether good or bad, if it gives good habit we have follow it but if it gives bad habit we should avoid it.

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