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The University of Oxford has also developed a vaccine for coronavirus



The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford in London has also developed a vaccine for coronavirus.

According to international media reports, the vaccine developed by Oxford University has proved to be 70% effective in dealing with corona, while this vaccine will be quite cheap and easy to store.

According to media reports, the vaccine proved to be 90% effective in completing the doses and in this regard, the government ordered 100 million doses which will be enough for 50 million people.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that the results of the coronavirus vaccine are impressive.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said there would be more safety checks for vaccines developed by Oxford University.

It should be noted that the coronavirus vaccine is developed in 20 months, while it usually takes 10 years to develop.

The Oxford University vaccine has been tested on 20,000 people in the UK and Brazil.

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