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Acne – The Literal Pain on the Face – How to Deal with it




The onset of adolescence poses a plethora of physiological and psychological changes affecting both the body and mind. Prominent among these changes are the visible red eruptions on the face, called as Acne. Prompted by hormonal disturbances and lifestyle changes, adolescents fall prey to this aggravated condition.

Robbing the face of its natural beauty, acne commonly called pimples can be cured by adopting simple home remedies that can provide the much needed relief from pain as well as embarrassment. Avoiding the usage of harmful chemicals and exorbitantly priced facial scrubs, these natural remedies are a gentle reminder to our grand mom’s time tested concoctions!

Whether one has oily skin or not; acne is something that every adolescent goes through in a particular age! However, if you possess oily skin or a T-zone on your facial skin, then you can always use the best foundation for oily skin whenever you plan to go out with your friends for a day out or shopping or even to parties. While makeup and the foundation for oily skin are always there to hide the flaws of your skin, it is always good to attend the oily skin and acne issues with natural remedies. Here are a few proven remedies that you can try in order to cure your facial skin from the acne and acne scars.

The Cheap and Best Natural Concoctions

Yoghurt and Honey – The perfect combo

While tasting delicious in their own separate ways, a combination of low fat yoghurt with a tablespoon of natural honey when applied to acne help in controlling the bacterial action in addition to retaining the moisture content in the affected area.

Egg Whites – the natural way to blemish free skin

Blemishes visible alongside acne are another issue that needs to be tackled. Egg whites, the high protein substitutes come handy in fading these deep scars by absorbing excess sebum (oil) by actually drying the skin. However, a word of advice to complete this regime with a liberal application of a good moisturizer for a supple and well hydrated face.

Papayas – healthy to eat and easy to apply

Ripe papayas while serving as carotene rich fruits consumed for breakfast help are an excellent remedy for ache in their raw form. Raw papaya laden with an enzyme called papain is best in combating the inflammation (swelling) caused on account of the adamant acne. Exfoliating the skin of dead cells, raw papaya helps in removing excess lipids, thereby making the face smooth and glowing.

Paste from orange peels

Bright looking juicy and pulpy oranges are a temptation for everyone to consume. Having enjoyed the fruit, acne prone people can store the peels to be used as a paste on the inflamed area. Rich in vitamin C, citric acid and astringent properties make this fruity concoction a healthy procedure for glowing skin, promoting growth of new facial cells.

Strawberries and Honey – the sweet and sour remedy

Another tantalizing recipe that appeals to the palate of people is the mixture of strawberries and honey. This effective mixture provides huge benefits in contrast to costly medical products. Strawberries loaded with salicylic acid are an ideal remedy to beat acne, which is also provided in the commercial remedies for treating acne. Honey apart from lending its anti-inflammatory benefits wages a tough fight against bacteria causing acne.

A banana peel can work wonders too

The energy rich banana has lots to offer to mankind even in the form of its non-eatable peel. Containing loads of lutein, the peel works as a great source as an antioxidant in addition to providing visible benefits of anti-inflammation. Free from soreness, stroking a banana peel on the affected area does magic!

So don’t worry!

Help is just round the corner of every kitchen. Just go ahead and make the most of these natural solutions to flaunt flawless skin and enjoy the rush of adolescence without bothering about the scars that it may leave.

Do you have skin tags? You can cover them with the best foundation for oily skin

It’s normal for people to have skin tags. They are mostly the size of a grain or rice. Skin Tags are benign and non-cancerous tumors of the skin which does not have any symptoms. The only harm it can cause is to the self-esteem of a person. If a skin tag unsightly appears, its fine to live with it, but if it appears somewhere on the face or neck, it can be a little embarrassing. It can cause a little irritation if rubbed or scratched against any clothing or jewelry and sometimes while shaving.

Skin tags are composed of a core of ducts and fibers, fat cells, nerve cells, and an epidermis or covering. The surface of the skin tags may be smooth and irregular in shape and size. They are usually flesh colored or brown in color.

They can be most commonly because of:-

  • Over weight
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Hereditary
  • Use of Steroid (Steroids cause Collagen fibers in the skin to bond and thus forms skin tags)

Hair and makeup ideas with best foundation for oily skin

There are different hair dos and makeup styles to suit different occasions and different individuals. Depending on the need of the hour and one’s pocket, one can choose the style of flaunting. Though one can carry herself the same daily way even for a special occasion but there is nothing wrong in looking little different and stylish for some special days. Hair and makeup with best foundation for oily skin can do wonders and enhance one’s beauty. You just need to choose the right style and you are ready to hit the floor. Use the right form of make up with the foundation for oily skin and you can look great in parties, on a day out with friends and more.

Remember you are a beautiful person and no one can take that beauty away from you. So smile and laugh out loud and live to the fullest and love yourself.

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Making Cancer and Chronic Disease Screening Part of Your Small Business Wellness Program




Growing prices of persistent condition for example cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart problems really are a critical concern for Canadian employers, affecting manager costs for example absenteeism and worker advantages.

Thankfully many chronic conditions is usually avoided or postponed through healthy lifestyle improvements. Also, about half of cancers is usually avoided through fitness and guidelines that safeguard the fitness of Canadians.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say why anyone receives a disease for example cancer, type 2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, and the other doesn’t.
Decreasing the Risk: It begins with You

Involving obtaining cancer or any other chronic disease is a worry for most people, but you will find actions you can take in lowering your risk, especially when keeping up with the requirements and stresses to be a small company manager.

Start by living healthy living and making the change of the health. For example:

Be a non-smoker avoiding cigarettes
Eat a proper diet, be physically active each day and keep a proper weight
Limit alcohol use
Reduce your contact with UV (ultraviolet) rays in the sun or indoor sun tanning products like tanning beds
Know the body and statement any changes in your doctor or dentist.

When you have a   manage  by yourself health, also you can arm workers with knowledge and knowledge to assist them take control of the health.
Assistance Employee Health by Encouraging Screening

Here are a few recommendations for developing a helpful atmosphere to allow employees to sign up in suitable tests:

Offer flexible working hours to support medical visits for testing and medical exams.
Post details about early recognition and screening on advertising boards. Obtain details and handouts in the Early Diagnosis and Screening module offered with the Wellness Fits Business Plan.
Include details on the value of early diagnosis and screening of cancer in other words posts for internal updates, staff e-mails or paycheque places.
Consider establishing a show or message board where early diagnosis and screening messages can be available to staff. Order catalogues from organizations for example the Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Diabetes Association, and Heart and Stroke Foundation. These catalogues usually be purchased no cost.
Encourage employees to try their knowledge. Employees will take an internet quiz at the Early Recognition and Screening module around the Wellness Fits Business Plan website.

For additional suggestions and concepts on developing a healthy workplace for the employees and you, please visit.

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Which Vitamin Should be Used to Treat Sunburned Skin?



Sunburned Skin

Vitamin B3 plays a role in various factors of the human body, Vitamin B3 is considered to be the best treatment for enhancing the beauty and sunburned skin.

According to nutritionists and medical experts, a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals in the blood is essential for a healthy life. Each vitamin plays a different role in the human body organs, some for health, and some for beauty. Also used and recommended, vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause a number of problems.

A new skin study has found that the use of vitamin B3 is very helpful in the treatment of sunburned skin, while vitamin B3 also protects against skin cancer.

According to researcher Lara Camilo, the volunteers involved in the study underwent various vitamin B3 experiments on their skin, after which it can be clearly stated that ‘increasing the use of vitamin B3 in your diet on a daily basis. The harmful effects of the sun’s harmful rays on the skin are significantly reduced. The use of vitamin B3 gives the skin the ability to fight against cancer and the harmful rays of the sun.

According to researchers, the effects of vitamin B3 wear off very quickly, so it must be used for at least 24 to 48 hours.

According to nutritionists, vitamin B3 supplements can also be used, while liver meat, chicken breast, tuna and salmon, dried fruits, etc. can be used to get vitamin B3 from natural foods. Avocados, brown rice, flour, mushrooms, peas, beans, and potatoes can be used.

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Corona Cases In The World 22863816, Deaths 797133




Flare-ups give off an impression of being exacerbated during the Coronavirus pestilence, which has prompted an expansion in the number of passings, among patients as well as among patients.

The quantity of individuals tainted with the crown infection worldwide has arrived at 228,63,816, while the loss of life from this savage infection has ascended to 797,133.

Around the globe, 6,547,356 patients with coronavirus are being treated in medical clinics, isolated focuses, and detachments at home, of which 61,848 are in basic condition while 15,519,327 patients have recuperated. Are

The United States is as yet the most influenced nation by the coronavirus, with crown cases as well as the most elevated number of passings from any nation on the planet.

Crown infection has so far executed 177,426 individuals in the United States, bringing the complete number of individuals tainted with the infection to 5,746,534.

In the United States, 2,473,198 coronavirus patients are being treated in medical clinics, isolated focuses, and in confinement at home, of which 16,817 are in basic condition and 3,095,910 have been relieved up until now.

Brazil positions second in the rundown of nations with the number of coronavirus cases, where the infection has guaranteed 112,423 lives, while the number of crown patients has arrived at 3,55,097.

India positions third on the rundown with a sharp ascent in the number of coronavirus patients, with 54,987 passings from the crown and 2,96,584 tainted.

Brazil positions second in the rundown of nations with the number of coronavirus cases, where the infection has asserted 112,423 lives, while the number of crown patients has arrived at 3,55,097.

India positions third on the rundown with a sharp ascent in the number of coronavirus patients, with 54,987 passings from the crown and 2,96,584 tainted.

In Colombia, the loss of life from Corona has ascended to 16,183, while the quantity of Corona cases has ascended to 513,183.

The loss of life from the crown infection episode in Spain has ascended to 28,813, with 44,229 affirmed cases up until now.

The loss of life from the crown infection in Chile has ascended to 10,671, bringing the all outnumber of crown cases to 391,849.

The all outnumber of passings from the crown infection in Iran has ascended to 20,264, while the all outnumber of crown cases has ascended to 352,558.

The loss of life from Corona in the UK has ascended to 41,403, while the quantity of Corona cases has ascended to 322,280.

The crown infection has executed 6,517 individuals in Argentina, while 320,884 crown cases have been accounted for up until this point.

An aggregate of 3,548 passings has been accounted for from the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia up until this point, while the quantity of its patients in the realm has arrived at 33,973.

In China, where the world’s first instance of the crown was accounted for, the crown infection has been to a great extent controlled and just a couple of new crown cases are accounted for every day, with no noteworthy increment in passings for quite a while.

The quantity of crown patients in China has arrived at 84,917 and the number of passings because of it has halted at 4,634.

Instances of new coronavirus in Pakistan and its consistent decrease in passings while the quantity of individuals recouping from it is expanding because of which the nation positions fourteenth to fifteenth in the rundown of nations as far as the number of crown patients. ۔

The quantity of instances of coronavirus in Pakistan has arrived at 291,588, while the absolute number of passings because of this infectious pandemic has arrived at 6,219.

In the country, 11,790 coronavirus patients are still in detachment in clinical facilities, segregate centers and homes, of which 722 are in fundamental condition and 273,579 have recovered from the affliction.

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