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Who Is A Good Publicity Event Photographer?



Who Is A Good Publicity Event Photographer

Publicity and fame is the basis of everything in this modern era. Competition is everywhere and no one wants to be left behind. Everyone likes to be in the lime light and make news. Then it is of prime importance that to get such attention one must arrange events. These events we can generally split and categorise into two categories leaving the fact that they may be personal events, business events or a any general purpose events –

  1. Couple of small events throughout the year for a specific set of audience
  1. Few big events through the year for a larger base audience

Once these events are organised, we always need someone to cover it and send it across to the media and news in order to get proper coverage and attention. This is where Publicity Event Photographer comes into picture. These photographers make sure the entire event is captured in the frames that it should be and portrayed in the proper way. Public eye is always watching out for mistakes so not one mistake be done in organising these events.

Publicity Event Photographers main role is to cover the minute details of the event like – the arrangements, the decorations, the people and their expression, portraits and every interesting thing that needs to be photographed into a moment of memory. They don’t get retakes.

Main characteristics of a publicity event photographer

– The main role of a Publicity Event Photographer is to make sure they communicate with their customer beforehand in order to get the major details of the event and know the details of their expectations.

– Analyse the event location prior to the occasion and know what kind of shots are to be taken and angle their cameras accordingly on time of the event

– These Publicity Event Photographers should be able to grasp the crust of the event and make sure what they click stands on par worth the event

Must be able to arrive to the event on time and make sure to start their work on time.

– When they talk to clients about their payments they should make sure that they include all the expenses in the beginning itself. Adding charges at the end of the event or after the negotiations have been complete is unethical.

– Every photographer must make sure their equipment are all up to date and modern and are insured. This helps them to stay in line with technology and take high resolution images.

– Delivering the end result is the most important of all. The Publicity Event Photographer must be aware of all the new editing techniques and should deliver high quality pictures to their client within the mentioned time line.

All a client need to make sure is the photographer they choose satisfies all their demands and gives them the exact output. Only then there is a meaning to the event they organise. And the all that a Publicity Event Photographer needs to make sure is that they should be giving their clients best of the shots as it is their work and reputation that would be in stake.


Best TikTok Dance Compilation



TikTok Dance Compilation

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Do Some Good Things To Relax



Things To Relax

People have two types one who want to relax themselves by seeing or doing the activity which makes him pleasure ant the other who earns through entertaining others. There are some who get entertained by other means like audience or by some other means and rest entertain others to earn money. But later the technology started to rise slowly. It made the people both good and bad impact. Entertainment was so much fun in past decade without technology. There were no power and electricity so they had some real fun. They used to play games like hide and seek, tic-tac-toe, I spy etc… These games were very joyful to them and also aid interaction and associated with some physical exercises. There was some discipline among the people even when doing these things.  For them both positive and negative side exists in entertainment.

Earlier there were drams and dance concerts were people enact and dance themselves and make the audience to listen to them. Past drama is of comedy or tragedy generic, Later the radio which is wireless device existed in which we can hear and there will be no visual thing. People started hearing songs, news and got knowledge through it. The very big change in the technology is the television which showed moving images and people started enjoying it and some addicted towards it too. In television the videos played are continuous and colorful and made the audience to sit in one place. After that high budget videos are recorded and released in big screens called movies.

The Different Type Of Entertainment

Movies industry is the one which is at the peak now earning lots of money by entertaining the people. at the first stage the videos were in black and white. The videos were decent and about historical incidents and comedies. Later the colors were introduced in the videos. The films are very effective and same time some films were very aggressive and abusive. There are movies which are made to create social awareness, to convey good news and to make aware of present facts. The same industry also tries to impart bad habits, unpleasant images and unwanted things which may spoil the kids and even the grownups. The video gaming is the one similar thing which has good sides like finding puzzle ,Sudoku to  help in math and improves the IQ and many bad sides like beach volleyball, car race etc to spoil the kids.

 These entertainment things even though make us to think has lot of side effects. The rays coming from the screen of Television or computer may affect the eye power. The long duration of movies make us to sit us in one place without any physical moment and thus cause obesity and back pain. While watching movies we’ll have snacks or something to eat in our hand and we do no movement but continuous intake of foods may cause various stomach and digestive disorders. It is in our hands to prefer and extract only the good things and avoid to those disturbing one’s.

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Top HD Movies To Watch For Free




HD Movies

With the advancement of picture quality and pixel count, it has become essential to have a smartphone or a TV at home that has at least HD resolution. HD or 720p resolution is a bare minimum these days as Full HD smartphones, and 4K TV are widely available. Watching movies on HD resolution is a pure joy as the clarity is high and the background scenery looks close to real. For watching free HD movies online, you can go to 123movies website.

Best HD Movies to Watch for Free

Avatar – It is the highest grossing movie and the computer graphic works are still unmatched. Watching it in HD resolution will make the scenes vivid and real. There is no better science fiction movie than this. This will also prepare you for the second chapter of the movie that is coming out next year.

Avengers: Infinity War – The movie was released this year, just a few months before, and it is already among the top 5 highest grossing movies of all time. If you are a Marvel fan, you cannot miss this one. Even though it is a recent movie, you can watch it on 123movies from your smart TV, laptop, or your smartphone having HD resolution.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – This is another movie that came out this year, and it is always thrilling to see dinosaurs with crystal clear picture quality. It is one of the best free HD movies online to watch. There is action, comedy, and drama in it which will give you a complete movie watching experience.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – This movie came out at the end of 2017and it was super hit. Just like the ‘Avengers’, the movie is full of computer graphic works with science fiction at its best. If you are a Star Wars fan, you should also check out ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ which is the third highest grossing movies of all time.

The Fate of the Furious – Who does not love action movies when there are car races involved? The latest addition to the Fast and Furious franchise and also the best of the eight movies, it is a pure joy to watch in HD resolution as everything is crystal clear. All you need to do is arrange a home theater music system to get an immersive feeling.

Frozen – If you have kids at home, there is no better movie to watch in HD resolution for them than Frozen. Even though it has been years since the release of the movie, it is still a treat to watch. Furthermore, it will prepare your kids for the second installment of the movie coming out the next year.

Apart from these, you can watch any of your favorite movies online for free whether it is a recent release or from the past years.

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