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What Is the Difference Between Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing?

Cindy Storie



Wheel Alignment

Recent vibrations, squealing or pulling to the right or left of your vehicle? The cause could be misaligned tires. This problem could be dangerous to you and your family while driving.

Do not take any chances to compromise the safety of your vehicle. The tread should be checked every 2,000-5,000 miles, and the alignment every 10,000-15,000 miles, depending on rim size and tire size as well as driving conditions, average speed and other factors. Make an appointment withWheel Paradise to regain control of your vehicle. You’ll be able to drive with confidence and comfort.

Understanding the Difference Between Tire Balance and Wheel Alignment

The suspension of your vehicle is subjected to wheel alignment. The alignment affects the way the wheels make contact with the road and the connection between the car and the wheels. You can adjust the angle and direction of your wheels to help improve the handling of the vehicle and extend the life expectancy.

Tire or wheel balances are used to correct an uneven weight distribution. Wheel balancing is performed by car mechanics to distribute your tire weight evenly.

Unbalanced or out of alignment wheels can cause vibrations, pulling and shaking. To roll smoothly, your tires and wheels need to be perfectly aligned. Tire technicians will place your wheels and tires on a machine to measure the imbalance and then fix it. They then make the necessary adjustments to suspension angles, tire weights and manufacturer specifications.

Know the Signs

Be aware of the signs that you may need to have your tires balanced or wheels aligned to ensure the safety of yourself, other drivers, and passengers. Uneven tire wear or vibrations may be felt in your seat, steering wheel, or floorboard. You may experience pulling or veering in one direction, or hear squealing coming from underneath your car.

It is dangerous to ignore these signs, and it will increase your costs in the long run. Tires that are unbalanced or misaligned can wear out prematurely, reducing the life of your tires. Your tires will lose grip on the road when they wear out, increasing your risk of swerving. As soon as you notice these problems, you can take action to avoid dangerous situations.

Enjoy the Benefits

You can avoid premature tire wear by having your wheels balanced and aligned. You won’t need to worry about safety or expensive repairs. Your overall ride will be improved with more control of your vehicle. Wheel alignment can improve your steering, tire grip on the road and tire life.

You can improve your vehicle’s handling, fuel economy, and tire lifespan. Bring your vehicle to Wheel Paradise for wheel alignment and tire balance.

It’s a hassle to drive with a bouncy ride, squealing wheels, or unpredictable steering. Schedule an appointment now. Our mechanics can quickly fix the problem, so that you are able to drive your car normally again in no time.

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