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Beach wedding dress; the best option for an under budget wedding

Cindy Storie



Wedding Drees

Marriage is a union between two people who are in love, who make a vow to live together and be there for each other until death does them part. Nothing less nothing more. Yet what comes below this is the comparison of love with money, for an example, the size of the ring determines the level of his love for you. Similarly is the case with luxurious weddings, the larger and the more expensive the wedding, the more love between the couple.

Why should you have an under budget wedding

Staying under a budget has absolutely whatsoever no shame as long as what matters is the vow you make to your significant other and not the materialistic celebration of the union. Moreover, by doing so you make a wise choice by holding in your finances for the life ahead. Spending all your fortune on a function is no intelligence either.

The perfect under the budget venue

The perfect venue for your under-budget wedding can be at the beach. The breeze, the cool sand, the mesmerizing view of the sun setting with the couple standing under the flower arch, the beach brings all the romance to itself, even if it’s the nearby one. Hang white roses and lily bouquets almost everywhere. A smaller gathering would result in a better gourmet and less hassle.

The dress

The idea of an economically cheap wedding can be further stretched to the economically cheap wedding dress as well. It might be hard for the ladies to digest but hear us out first. Cheap wedding dresses do not necessarily have to be cheap in quality as well, do not compromise there. 

For your beach themed wedding, a beach wedding dress would definitely seal the deal and they are cheap as well! Opting for a Sheath cut or an Empire style wedding dress, throw in some additional flowy layers to make your dress flow along the waves of the cool breeze at the beach, a belt bedazzled with your favorite jewels or embellishments put around the waist, a simple elegant flower crown with impeded pink and white lilies and Ta-da! The perfect wedding dress. The veil can be optional although. 

An amazing approach to the beach wedding dress is the Boho chic bohemian style dress. That too would prefer the Heath cut and the Empire cut to give a decent yet an edgy fall to your theme. Putting the plain striking white out and replacing it with the dull yet dense off-white base color would definitely enhance the theme. If you are planning to be a little daring, pull a long cut up to the thigh and leave it bare. Bohemian style is all about being comfortable and most importantly, being yourself with what you wear. In the end, it is the bright smile and starry eyes of the bride are what brings it all together.

Planning under budget weddings is no easy task, especially when it comes to spending unnecessarily on the wedding dress and to be only worn once, but these ideas would definitely help you to pull it off.

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