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Things to know about beach weddings

Cindy Storie



beach weddings

A destination celebration on the beach, or even a beach wedding, both are of equal importance and both need proper planning. For you to have a beach wedding, the following are the things you need to know:


While you want to do your wedding on the beach, you need to select the wedding style and there are basically three types of beach locations and that our resort, public beach, and private beach. A resort basically could be a restaurant or a club that is located on the beach and provide you with the water views as well as the restaurant facilities at the time and provides you the great wedding experience. While in a wedding on the public beach, you can swim, dance, have a sunbath and do anything whatever you want but there would be the need for permits from the authorities and this could be time-consuming and tricky as well. The last option is having the wedding done on a private beach and that is when any of your friends or family has their home near the beach then this is your good luck and you can utilize their place for the wedding. However, there would be the need for a permit as well in that situation but it is comparatively easier to seek permission. 

Wedding planner

The other and equally important aspect is to search for a wedding planner. The wedding is a big day and you just can’t get married without being prepared for it with all aspects and searching for a fine wedding planner is important so that he could make your big day great. Ask your friends and family if they know about any wedding planner who has this experience of planning beach weddings so that he can control the things based on his experience

Wedding dress

You can’t just wear the same traditional wedding dress on your beach wedding however you have to look for special beach wedding dresses to look special on your great day, search over the internet, go online, ask the people you may know regarding the best dresses which you can wear on your beach wedding. Selecting among the plus size wedding dresses would equally be a good option to be comfortable and at ease in your wedding function. 

Time of the day

This is again a matter of thoughts that what time of the day you need to select for your wedding to be done. While you want to do it on the beach, select the day timings so that people could have a maximum level of fun there. But if the temperatures are high, don’t be in too hurry to decide because higher temperatures could spoil your party. Consider deciding the mid-time for the party when its neither too hot nor cold and your guests would also be in a position to have fun at your wedding. 


To make your beach wedding awesome and memorable, select the best photographer.

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