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YouTube Destroys Car Worth Over Rs 250 Million

Cindy Storie



YouTube Destroys Car Worth

The young YouTuber destroyed his father’s car worth crores of rupees in a traffic accident. Fortunately, the YouTuber suffered minor injuries but survived.


The horrific traffic accident took place in Dallas, Texas, USA, as a result of which a car worth 251.6 million was completely destroyed.


Seeing the condition of the wrecked vehicle, the consumers must have thought that the driver of the car was also killed in the accident but fortunately the driver survived the accident but he got minor injuries and broke one arm and arm.


The driver of the car was rushed to hospital with injuries. The driver was identified as 17-year-old Gig Gillian, a well-known YouTuber in the United States, and the wrecked car belonged to his father, valued at 34 3.4 million.


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