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Making Cancer and Chronic Disease Screening Part of Your Small Business Wellness Program

Cindy Storie



Making Cancer and Chronic Disease Screening Part of Your Small Business Wellness Program

Growing prices of persistent condition for example cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart problems really are a critical concern for Canadian employers, affecting manager costs for example absenteeism and worker advantages.

Thankfully many chronic conditions is usually avoided or postponed through healthy lifestyle improvements. Also, about half of cancers is usually avoided through fitness and guidelines that safeguard the fitness of Canadians.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say why anyone receives a disease for example cancer, type 2 diabetes, or cardiovascular disease, and the other doesn’t.
Decreasing the Risk: It begins with You

Involving obtaining cancer or any other chronic disease is a worry for most people, but you will find actions you can take in lowering your risk, especially when keeping up with the requirements and stresses to be a small company manager.

Start by living healthy living and making the change of the health. For example:

Be a non-smoker avoiding cigarettes
Eat a proper diet, be physically active each day and keep a proper weight
Limit alcohol use
Reduce your contact with UV (ultraviolet) rays in the sun or indoor sun tanning products like tanning beds
Know the body and statement any changes in your doctor or dentist.

When you have a   manage  by yourself health, also you can arm workers with knowledge and knowledge to assist them take control of the health.
Assistance Employee Health by Encouraging Screening

Here are a few recommendations for developing a helpful atmosphere to allow employees to sign up in suitable tests:

Offer flexible working hours to support medical visits for testing and medical exams.
Post details about early recognition and screening on advertising boards. Obtain details and handouts in the Early Diagnosis and Screening module offered with the Wellness Fits Business Plan.
Include details on the value of early diagnosis and screening of cancer in other words posts for internal updates, staff e-mails or paycheque places.
Consider establishing a show or message board where early diagnosis and screening messages can be available to staff. Order catalogues from organizations for example the Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Diabetes Association, and Heart and Stroke Foundation. These catalogues usually be purchased no cost.
Encourage employees to try their knowledge. Employees will take an internet quiz at the Early Recognition and Screening module around the Wellness Fits Business Plan website.

For additional suggestions and concepts on developing a healthy workplace for the employees and you, please visit.

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