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Save Money at Home

Cindy Storie



Save Money at Home

Cutting down on spending to pay off debts or to be able to put a little money away each month is something that many have been doing in these few years after the credit crunch began. Now that recovery has started to happen, a few have a little more breathing room, but for the majority, life is still a little challenging financially. For some, keeping their heads above water for the last 5 years has taken its toll, and their quality of life is much worse than it used to be. Cutting back to an extreme extent at home has become the norm for many families, and they’re saving a lot of money as a result. Read on to see where you can make some big savings:

Use less toilet paper

Although this tip may seem a bit personal, it’s something to keep in mind, particularly if you have children in the house. Kids are notorious for using too much, so try to get them to use less by allocating a certain amount of sheets per use. The savings you can make this way can be massive over the course of a year, as toilet paper is commonly one of the most expensive things you’ll put into your trolley.

Curb your portions

The amount of carbs you should be eating should fit into the palm of your hand for each meal of the day. Many will be surprised by this, as growing plate sizes and overeating have become an ingrained part of life in the 21stcentury. If you don’t exercise much and if your job involves you sitting down for long periods of time, then you don’t need to eat huge amounts of food. Try to cut portion sizes slowly so that you’re not starving yourself to see what a difference you can make.

Wrap up warm

Instead of putting the heating on as soon as you get a little chilly (particularly if you’re sitting down and moving very little), why not go for some warm layers instead? If you’re still cold once you’ve put on two pairs of socks and a jumper then think about putting the heating on for a little while. Don’t take this to extremes and never put the heating on at all, as this can be bad for your house as well as your health!

Buy in bulk

If you can, buy non-perishable foods in bulk to save money over time. If you see a really good deal on dried pasta, for instance, you could buy a large amount and store it for use throughout the year, saving you money on smaller bags.

Exercise for free

Exercise is underrated by many people. Not only will it keep you warmer (and therefore means that you need to put the heating on less) but it can also be beneficial to your mental health. This can have a knock on effect to keeping you on the ball and working hard, meaning that you’ll have more earning power over time.

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