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Step Over Apple Trees: Standing Tall Over Other Apples

Cindy Storie



Apple Trees

Low-growing and horizontally trained, step over apple trees produce surprisingly huge apples from such a minuscule plant. By providing your lawn with flower buds that swell until they burst into a fragrant white or pale pink to red blossoms, your garden will no doubt be dazzling your neighborhood with an outstanding impression all year round. Ideal for planting to provide a border for your ornamental or vegetable plots, its fruits stand out on its branches in often vibrant fall colors. Known for being a suitable source of pollen for bees and a significant cross-pollinating option for other apples, let’s break down the reasons for growing step over apple trees.

Why Would I Want A Step Over Apple Tree On My Garden?

Typically, small even when already full-grown, buying step over apple trees is followed by growing and enhancing any lawn’s aesthetics due to the charm that its flowers and fruits bring. Highly productive and ideal for lining a path or edging a flower bed, here are a few of the benefits of having these cute little trees in your home garden.

Aids In Pollination

Who knew that the fruits of this awesome tree are favored by a host of pollinators? Give your produce of the larger and sweeter apple varieties a boost by adding better quality pollinators.

Vitamin Enriched

Fortified with pectin, crabapples can help stabilize your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as provide protection from colon cancer. Known to bring aid to gout, fever, constipation, and inflammation, these incredible fruits are not only amazingly tasty, but they can also be a critical part of a healthy diet.

Offers Protection From Parasites

By passing its vigor and strength to the more vulnerable varieties of apples, it gives our favorite red and juicy apples a level of protection from certain parasites.

Compact, favored by bees, and exceedingly decorative, having a few step over apple trees on your lawn can hands-down be highly beneficial. Since these plants can grow and flourish in any type of soil, there simply is no reason not to have them around in your yard.

From their ability to pollinate their peers to providing us with eye-catching blooms and exquisite-tasting fruits, planting a step over apple tree on your yard goes beyond aesthetics. Access to view their collection of fruit trees for sale and give your open space the beneficial and significant improvements it deserves by planting fruit trees.

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